Housing and care options training

The need to consider housing and care options together has never been greater. Year on year, more people are asking their local council for help or funding with care, and support, and housing options, but each year fewer people receive this help.

Course overview: This training session is for organisations and individuals interested in providing or already involved in delivering Housing and Care Options Information and Advice. 

This 1-day specialist training course will run for up to 15 participants from 10am – 3.30pm including a 45 minute lunch break, and 2 comfort short breaks in the morning and afternoon, and cover:

1. Care and support in the community:

  • mainstream options
  • small scale, and potentially very localised options
  • the cheap, the cheerful, and the blatantly obvious
  • the ‘sharing economy’
  • the (sometimes unexpected) roles of designers and entrepreneurs - technological possibilities

2. Moving on – the range of options:

  • alternative mainstream housing options
  • almshouses, and Abbeyfield
  • Shared Lives, Homeshare, and Cohousing
  • retirement housing, sheltered and extra care housing
  • care/nursing homes

3. The growth of ‘experts by experience’ – what else the web can offer

4. Introduction to state funding for care and support from councils and the NHS

5. How to research and find out about local options

6. Supporting people who are weighing up their choices

7. An overview of the Care Act’s requirements on information and advice

8. Discussions, questions, case studies.                             

Aims of the day

Participants will gain a good understanding of the range of housing, care, and other support options for adults in England; the way services are paid for, including means-tested systems and NHS funding; and the I&A aspects of the Care Act. Newer services, responses and trends will be highlighted. Discussions will be based on real life case studies, with opportunities for participants to share their experiences around housing and care options information and advice, and ask questions.

To arrange an in-house course or to register interest in an open course, please send an email to info@foundations.uk.com